You dream of a baby in your arms.

Like most of us, you assumed that getting pregnant would be easy.

But in reality, it’s been a tough fertility journey

with no successful pregnancy…yet.

You so deeply want to be a mother, but honestly, it’s been exhausting between the struggles you’ve been through — failed IUI, IVF, or FET, miscarriage, PCOS, irregular periods, poor egg quality, secondary infertility, and more.

Or maybe you’re just completely overwhelmed with information, indecision, anxiety, and feel like you have no control in your fertility journey and feel alone.

Let me tell you something. You don’t have to go it alone.
A supportive partner in your fertility journey can completely transform your experience around fertility and pregnancy.

Empowered Fertility

In my 1:1 coaching Empowered Fertility Program, I’m your #1 supportive fertility partner.

Together, we will boost your chances of having a little one in your arms & becoming the mother you dream about.
I’m here to remind you that your fertility is more than your reproductive system. You need to focus on your well-being and nourish your body and mind, so you can overcome your fertility struggles & boost your chances of having a baby.
Jenn Redmond sitting on stairs next to pots of herbs

When you enroll in the Empowered Fertility program, you’ll:

  • Uncover which foods best support your health and fertility and which don’t.
  • Discover how to manage and reduce stress and overwhelm.
  • Embrace new habits & lifestyle changes that support fertility & pregnancy.
  • Receive accountability, so you stick with these changes even when life gets challenging.

Here’s what you can expect:

Starting with a thorough look into your unique fertility situation, we’ll:

  • Take a comprehensive look into your health, menstrual cycle and fertility to date, and all of your health challenges and goals, including having a baby.
  • Start developing a roadmap to better wellness and fertility.

I meet you where you are at. Whether you are currently going through IVF treatment and want extra support, desire to conceive naturally, or even if you’ve had no luck with any fertility treatments and need a full intense wellness overhaul, this program will include some or all of the following depending on your unique situation.

You can expect to:

Be Nourished.

We’ll look at how you currently eat and your relationship with food. Learn what and how to eat for fertility, taking your whole body into account. Give your body the proper nutrients it needs for hormone balance. Prepare an optimal environment for successful conception and your baby’s growth and development. Increase libido to make baby-making more exciting and enjoyable. Enjoy more home cooking and/or less reliance on processed foods for life-long healthy habits.

Plate with colorful veggies
Woman meditating

Be Less Stressed.

I’ll introduce mind-body techniques to elicit the relaxation response and reframe your fertility mindset. Learn easy self-care techniques to nourish your soul. Reduce daily stress and stress related to your fertility journey. Have a better outlook and mood when dealing with fertility treatments. Feel less overwhelmed with proven stress management practices.

Woman meditating

Be Restored.

We’ll look at lifestyle factors that are harmful to hormone health, fertility, and pregnancy. Reduce exposure to hidden toxins and pollutants with non-toxic swaps and practices. Uncover underlying imbalances and dysfunctions interfering with successful conception and learn how to restore them. Embrace healthy lifestyle habits that support fertility.

Plate with colorful veggies
Plate with colorful veggies

Be Rested.

We’ll evaluate and improve sleep patterns and evening routines. Develop a bedtime routine to conquer insomnia or help you fall asleep more easily. Understand that sleep alone can enhance not only your fertility but your overall physical and emotional wellness. Sleep soundly and wake up refreshed.

Plate with colorful veggies

Be Balanced.

You’ll develop an exercise/movement routine that supports your body, health, and fertility goals. Understand how exercise can support your fertility without draining and depleting your body. Maintain a body that is receptive to conception and pregnancy. Find activities that bring you joy rather than misery to improve commitment.

Plate with colorful veggies
Plate with colorful veggies

Be Deeply Supported.

Remember how I said I’ll be your supportive partner? I mean it. I’m an extension of your health care team. You can text me from the fertility clinic. I can help you write questions to ask for a second opinion. I’ll give you info on what the egg retrieval will be like and meditations to help you be less stressed about the procedure. And much, much more.

Plate with colorful veggies
It’s time that your view of wellness and your fertility journey does a 360. Imagine going through this chapter of life with more ease, less stress and anxiety, and more mindfulness, joy, and confidence.
You deserve to feel confident, supported, and joyous during your fertility journey. I’m here to help you achieve this.

I was completely overwhelmed and knew food could really make or break my overall health – both physical and mental. I decided it was time to ask for help and truly invest in myself for the first time. I knew working with you would not only serve me on my fertility journey, but also in my future and my family’s future.


I chose to hire you because I wanted to go into my IVF journey in the best health I could be in. In a journey that is so uncontrollable, I wanted to be able to be in a good place mentally and health wise because that was something I could control. Once I had my initial consultation with you, I just knew you were going to help me change my life. You were so kind and made me think about things I had never really thought much about. Whether it was regarding food or goals or how I processed things.

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