A fertility reset consists of eating for your fertility and incorporating simple mindfulness and stress reduction practices into your day.

 It’s not a diet. It’s a focus on whole, unprocessed, fertility-boosting foods.

 The goal is to eliminate gluten, dairy, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and some meat (for those of you who eat meat) to help reduce inflammation, balance hormones and start to get clues from your body on what is and is not working from you.

 A fertility reset also involves some mind-body practices that are easy to incorporate into your day.

 It’s amazing the changes my clients have seen in even just a 5-day reset: less bloating, better sleep, no heartburn, more hopeful…

 It really can help you take back control in a time that you may feel like you have little control.

 I’ll be running the fertility reset during the next round of Fertility Foundations as an added bonus.

 If you’d like more info, visit Fertility-foundations.com.

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