Mothering Yourself

May 7, 2021 | Fertility | 0 comments

I’ve had lots of conversations this week with women who are trying to conceive. And each of their journeys is as unique as they are.

A common thread, however, was Mother’s Day, and whether they were going to celebrate the mother or mother-figure in their lives (not all of them were, by the way). But if they were, how could they balance that with the sadness of not yet being a mom? Or the sadness of not being able to have another child?

Chances are, you’ve thought about some ways to cope if the day is difficult for you:

Stay off social media

Don’t attend mom-focused gatherings (or attend, but exit early)

Keep the focus on your mom (or mother figure)

I offer one other option – consider what mothering yourself might look like.

What would be soothing?

What would be comforting?

What would feel nurturing?

How can you give yourself compassion?

I encourage you to give that some thought, maybe even journal about it and come up with some concrete ideas.

And then lean in to some delicious self-care. Even for just a little bit.

I’m sending you so much love and support.



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