I read something really powerful recently (I can’t remember where) and it stuck with me: Self-care doesn’t have to be a solitary experience. Self-care might be a group dinner, a walk with a friend or a phone call. I LOVE this so much!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% about journaling, meditation and a warm Epsom salt bath. Ooh, and dry brushing.

But since infertility can feel so lonely, I encourage my clients to remember to focus on things that bring them joy. Often, that’s spending time with other people – which is probably something you did a lot more of before you were trying to get pregnant.

So, is there a BFF who is supportive that you can take a walk with? This can be a time to talk about anything BUT having a baby if you want. Or it can be getting real with her on where things are at.

Are there friends, couples or singles (without kids), that you can kick back with and have over for dinner and Game of Thrones?

You might consider taking a class at the gym instead of exercising by yourself. Or drop in to an infertility support group.

Let me know what you think.