When fertility treatment didn’t go as planned

Feb 26, 2021 | Fertility | 0 comments

I know first-hand the sadness and disappointment you may be feeling after a failed fertility treatment cycle. I would have loved to have had someone help me navigate those uncertain times. Here’s what I’ve learned.

First, it’s so important to grieve the loss you are feeling and experiencing. Find the right support for you, whether it’s family, friends, a fertility counselor, a coach or a support group.

Lean into the tools that have been providing you support and hope during the fertility journey. Journaling, visualizations, meditation, affirmations and breathing exercises can help you process feelings, reduce stress and be present and grounded.

What tools or strategies have been helpful in other instances where you’ve experienced loss or grief? They will be helpful here.

Take care of yourself physically. What will nurture you at this time?

Ask yourself: What am I glad that I did during this IVF or IUI cycle? Make a list of all the positives.

When you’re ready, review your previous cycle with your fertility doctor. Brainstorm a list of questions to ask, including what might have gone wrong this cycle and what might increase your chances of success in the future.

Map out a plan for next steps and determine if it includes a second opinion or another treatment cycle.

I hope this helps.



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