5  Ways to Start Eating for Fertility

Oct 20, 2022 | Fertility, Nutrition

Following the Mediterranean diet can help reduce inflammation and boost fertility. 

It’s a way of eating that’s:

  • High in wild-caught fish, olive oil, legumes and veggies
  • Low in chicken and red meat
  • Free of processed foods
  • High in omega 3s

It’s easy to get started. Choose one or two from this list that you’ll commit to this week, and once you’ve got that down, start adding in the rest. Soon these will become habits you enjoy. And your hormones will thank you.

  1. Make Mondays “Meatless Monday”
  2. Swap canola oil for olive oil
  3. Start adding in 1-2 extra servings of veggies a day
  4. Substitute one fast food meal each week with a home cooked
  5. Swap one beef dinner for salmon or another wild fish

Need support in rethinking how you eat, and how to eat for your fertility? 

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