On Tuesday while I was on a Zoom call with colleagues a frozen pipe burst in the ceiling in my office. Water was streaming down the walls.

The email I planned to send out, the blogs I intended to write, the podcast pitches I was going to make – none of that happened. I decided that I would focus only on the most important thing – my clients. Everything else could wait, given the mess, the ongoing repairs, and the comings and goings of furnace repair guys, plumber and contractor.

My husband commented that I’ve been surprisingly calm. I have been.

And I 100% credit my morning routine for that. I wake up at 5:15 each morning. I work out (I’ll tell you more about my workouts soon – they’ve been life changing! Seriously.), journal, spend time in silence, practice visualizations and read – all before my workday starts.

I encourage my clients to develop a morning routine to help them manage stress and feel more resilient. That’s so important when you’re trying to conceive. And it works! I’m proof, and so are they.

So while we generally start with nutrition to support your fertility journey, stress management is generally not far behind.

I’d love to talk with you about how I can support you while you’re trying to conceive. Let’s grab a call.


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