When I was dealing with infertility, I certainly wasn’t feeling festive or celebratory as the holidays approached. In fact, I dreaded a few things:

  1. The inevitable question, “When are you having children?”
  2. Spending time with a pregnant sister, cousin or friend
  3. Feeling like I had to explain why I wasn’t having a glass of wine

Some coping strategies for you:

  • Plan out one or two responses to questions you might get. A simple, “You’ll be the first to know,” worked for me. And remember, it’s up to you if you want to share what you’re going through.
  • Consider opting out of gatherings that include pregnant women. Maybe this year you 
  • will do your own thing: binge watch Netflix, a quiet dinner  – at home or out, a day trip or overnight getaway…
  • Have a mocktail. I’ve been known to mix up a batch of something that tastes great without alcohol and bring it to a gathering. No one will know whether yours is spiked.


p.s. If you’re looking to be deeply supported on your fertility journey, schedule a call. I’d be honored to talk with you.

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