Each New Year’s Day I set an intention for what I want to invoke in the new year, and what I want eliminate that no longer serves me. I think about it and think about it well before the first, and narrow my focus as the day approaches. I take into account the prior year – what went well, ways I can improve, the things I’d like to overcome and how I want to evolve. This year I have one “in” and one “out.”

It’s a practice I encourage my clients to do. Many start out saying the obvious: “I’d like to have a baby in the new year.” But as they dig a little deeper, they start thinking about changes that will make the journey a little easier, or envision a year that’s happier and healthier despite their infertility. Words and themes that have come up this year include: healing, faith and self-care. And things some are letting go of include: self-doubt, anger and procrastination.

I hope you will think about what actions you want to take in 2019 that will help you get clarity, ease your journey and find wellness. You don’t have to do it alone. I’m here to help!


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