Giving Thanks (and my magic rock)

Nov 25, 2020 | Health coaching, Lifestyle, Mind-Body

Thanksgiving looks a lot different in 2020. But I am grateful. Daily.

You see, I have a magic rock. It helped shift my mindset from fear to gratitude. From lack to abundance.

Each night before I go to sleep, I hold this little rock in the palm of my right hand and think about all the very specific things I’m grateful for from my day. And then, of all of those, I think of the one I’m most grateful for. And I say Thank You for that thing.

And then I put my magic rock back on my nightstand.

And because it’s magic – 😉 –  I feel calm and happy.

It’s so simple, and so powerful.

It started out as a 28-day practice I learned in the book, The Magic, many years ago. And I had at one point moved on from it. But then COVID struck, and I was going through a big move and feeling a little untethered, so I started the practice again.

And I continue to do it most nights, because it really is grounding and it really does up my appreciation for all I have. And all the good in my life.

Thanksgiving is not the same this year. And I know you may be struggling. And so I offer up this practice as something that might help manage this COVID holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving.



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