My remarkable client, Kayla, has PCOS. She started working with me to prep for IVF after failed IUI cycles. She put in the work, and It’s been wonderful to see how she has transformed. I asked her some questions about her journey I thought would be really supportive to my readers in their own journeys.

What was going on for you before you took a more natural and holistic approach to your health and fertility? What difficulties were you facing?
Before I started focusing on me and my health, I was completely consumed with the negatives of my fertility journey. I didn’t process any emotions I was dealing with. I almost was just numb to everything going on and felt stressed. I’d eat once a day and was not nourishing my body the way I should be.

Why did you choose to hire me?
I chose to hire you because I wanted to go into my IVF journey in the best health I could be in. In a journey that is so uncontrollable, I wanted to be able to be in a good place mentally and health wise because that was something I could control. Once I had my initial consultation with you, I just knew you were going to help me change my life. You were so kind and made me think about things I had never really thought much about. Whether it was regarding food or goals or how I processed things.

What have been your results?
I have expressed this many times during this 4-month program, but I came out of this program a better person. I can look at friends going through fertility and see how different my journey is as far as managing the stress and anxiety of it all. I know how to nourish my body with food. The tools I’ve learned to use to help my mental health have been amazing. Learning how to use meditation and journaling to process my emotions has had a huge impact on me compared to my past cycles. I just see such a difference in myself and it’s an amazing feeling.

What would you say to someone who is considering working with me?
There is an overwhelming amount of information out there about fertility diets & what to do during fertility treatments. Working with Jennifer made that all manageable. She is the best supporter, she listens and helps you navigate this journey. She helps you find tools that work for you and your lifestyle. The information I gained during my time working with her are things I will use forever. It began as something to help me with fertility, but it has helped me so much in my life that I will continue even after my fertility journey has ended.

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