Happy Spring, sister.

I don’t know if it feels like Spring in your part of the world, but it’s officially here today!

I see signs of Spring on my daily walks – snowdrops and crocus popping up through the earth and so many robins in the yard. It’s the season of fertility.

What do you need to focus on in this season to support your health, wellness and fertility? What are you are plans for trying to conceive? What nutrition and lifestyle changes would support that?

This Spring season goes through June. 90 days from now, where will you be? What will you need to put in place this  Spring to get to there?

I have a few ways we can work together to help you get closer to your dreams: the 3-month, Empowered Fertility coaching program;  the 1-month coaching intensive; or the VIP Day.

I’d love to talk with you about what would support you in this season. Schedule a call here,  and we’ll set something up.


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