Tumultuous, unpredictable, exhausting, traumatic.

Those are some of the responses I got to the question, “What’s the word that summarizes your relationship with your fertility?”

A fertility journey changes the way you feel, the way you behave, the way you do and don’t express yourself.

As an integrative nutrition coach specializing in fertility, my client work generally starts with the food piece.

  • What foods support your fertility and what foods don’t.
  • How food makes you feel, physically and emotionally.
  • Why what you eat matters.

But that’s just one part of the equation.

  • Sleep matters.
  • Exercise and movement matter.
  • Regulating stress matters.

And you know what else matters? The way your fertility journey makes you feel. And so that’s part of our coaching sessions.

  • How to feel less exhausted.
  • How to manage the trauma.
  • What to do when it all feels so unpredictable.

My clients have said:

Beyond my diet, she’s been able to help walk me through changing my physical health, and emotional/mental health through exercise, diet, and meditation/de-stressing. She’s also been so helpful in guiding me through my fertility journey, making suggestions on how to make the process work for me (easier and fun). It’s been great to have a coach, a guide, and an objective person to talk to who has experience with women who struggle with fertility issues while I walk this scary road.

I chose to hire you because I wanted to go into my IVF journey in the best health I could be in. In a journey that is so uncontrollable, I wanted to be able to be in a good place mentally and health wise because that was something I could control. Once I had my initial consultation with you, I just knew you were going to help me change my life.

I came out of this program a better person. I can look at friends going through fertility and see how different my journey is as far as managing the stress and anxiety of it all. I know how to nourish my body with food. The tools I’ve learned to use to help my mental health have been amazing. Learning how to use meditation and journaling to process my emotions has had a huge impact on me compared to my past cycles. I just see such a difference in myself and it’s an amazing feeling.

If you’ve been on the fence about coaching, let’s schedule a call.

No pressure, just a conversation to talk about where you’re at and the support you need.

You can find a time here.

You deserve the support.


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