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Did you know the average American eats more than 100 lbs of sugar a year? Sugar is everywhere, and not just in the usual culprits: sweetened drinks, desserts and candy.

It’s also in many foods that are considered healthy:

  • Breakfast cereals including instant oatmeal
  • Sauces, including tomato sauce
  • Dips, including salsa
  • Yogurt
  • Granola and granola bars
  • Vitamin waters and sports drinks
  • Condiments and salad dressing
  • Alcohol

It’s often a hidden ingredient; it has many names:

  • Corn syrup
  • Dextrose
  • Glucose
  • Sucrose
  • Brown rice syrup

      And here’s the thing, sugar is addictive, inflammatory, causes energy crashes, and is the cause of many health issues including hormonal health issues.

      When you’re stressed, your body craves the quickest form of energy available … sugar. Why? Sugar is a simple carb that is the most readily available source of energy for your body.

      But steady blood sugar is super important for hormonal health. So, I have some tips for you so you can finally say good bye to the sugar cravings that deep down you wish you didn’t have, and break up with sugar:

      • Drink water. Sugar cravings can actually be a sign of dehydration
      • Exercise, dance or take a walk. Being active helps you reduce tension and balance blood sugar levels
      • Crowd out sugar cravings by eating naturally sweet fruits and veggies
      • Get enough sleep and reduce stress so you’ll have more energy which reduces cravings
      • Find sweetness outside of food. Cravings often have a psychological component, so tap into what you might actually be craving emotionally


        ​p.s. Do you need support for sugar cravings and overall eating to support your fertility or peri/menopause journey? Let’s chat about it. Schedule a free, support session.

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