Many personal care and beauty products – soap, shampoo, lotions, nail polish, makeup – contain endocrine disrupting chemicals called phthalates, which may increase the risk of miscarriage according to two Harvard studies.

But by reading labels, you can start to easily reduce exposure.

  • Phthalates must be listed as an ingredient on a product label unless they are added as part of a fragrance. (Sneaky!)
  • Avoid products that have “fragrance” listed as an ingredient. That’s generally code for phthalates. Instead look for products with no synthetic fragrance listed. Instead choose those scented with only essential oils or those labeled phthalate-free.

Other ingredients in cosmetics that have hormone disrupting properties include:

  • BHA
  • Chemical sunscreens
  • Parabens
  • Resorcinol
  • Triclosan/Triclocarban

Cleaning up your beauty routine might seem daunting but there are a slew of clean products on the market that are just as effective as those you are used to. I’m happy to help guide you.


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